Cann Group Limited
Developing a world-class, Australia-focused medicinal cannabis operation


The established, ethical leader in Australia's emerging medical cannabis industry

About Cann

Established in 2014, Cann Group is the first company to be issued with a Cannabis Research Licence by the Australian Government’s Office of Drug Control (ODC) in February 2017. This Licence authorises Cann to cultivate cannabis (in association with a relevant permit) for research purposes. In addition, in March 2017, Cann Group was issued Australia’s first Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation Licence, which authorised Cann to produce Australian-grown cannabis (in association a relevant permit) for medicinal purposes.

Cann’s Board and management have extensive experience in the agriculture, agronomic and health research sectors and in developing and commercialising agricultural technology.


Cann has established R&D and cultivation facilities in Australia and is pursuing a fully-integrated business model with collaboration agreements, resources and capabilities that will enable it to establish a leading position in plant genetics, breeding, cultivation, production, manufacturing, and clinical evaluation to facilitate the supply of medicinal cannabis for a range of diseases and medical conditions.

Cann’s vision is to be a leading developer and supplier of cannabis, cannabis resin and medicinal cannabis products.


A fully-integrated business model built for growth