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Cann R&D

The company’s key milestones in R&D are to develop science-based technology and knowledge to:

  • Target improvements in the yields of key cannabinoids

  • Understand the agronomic parameters involved in growing elite strains of cannabis

  • Improve and assist in the development of standardised analytical capabilities across labs in Australia

  • Develop best practice extraction methodologies and manufacture of medicinal cannabis products using current Good Manufacturing Practices.

To achieve these milestones, Cann Group has partnered with key scientific organisations such as Agriculture Victoria Research, CSIRO, La Trobe University, the NSW Department of Primary Industry, and the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute.

These partnerships provide access to experts in diverse fields including agronomics, plant pathology, plant and molecular breeding, chemistry, advanced manufacturing, engineering, biochemistry, pre-clinical studies and clinical trials.

Basic differences between cannabis strains