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Developing therapeutically targeted cannabis based pharmaceuticals


Since 2016, medicinal cannabis products have been legally prescribed to authorised patients for the treatment of various medical conditions, including:

• Palliative care
• Chronic non-cancer pain
• Nausea and vomiting
• Multiple sclerosis
• Paediatric and young adult epilepsy

Research is underway to scientifically establish the therapeutic benefits of various cannabis products for these conditions, aiming for TGA approval and ARTG registration. In the meantime, the TGA Special Access Scheme (SAS Category A or B) and Authorised Prescriber (AP) provisions are available to facilitate access to unapproved medicinal cannabis products.

Cann Group is licenced and has a permit to cultivate and produce medicinal cannabis in Australia for therapeutic uses.

Thanks to our partnership with established Canadian producer Aurora, and global cannabis genetics research leader, Anandia, Cann has access to elite genetic materials to develop an increasing variety of genetically-characterised strains.

Our genetic breeding programs are progressing to provide an increasing variety of highly-characterised products, along with data obtained from other prescribers and clinical studies regarding their therapeutic efficacy. In this way, Cann aims to provide prescribing clinicians with the options and detailed information they need to optimise therapeutic outcomes for specific conditions and individual patients.



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