Cann Group Limited
Developing a world-class, Australia-focused medicinal cannabis operation
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Developing a world-class, Australia-focused medicinal cannabis operation


Welcome to Cann Group

Cann Group is building a world-class Australian business to take advantage of opportunities in the emerging medicinal cannabis industry. Cann’s board and management has extensive experience in the agriculture sector and with developing and commercialising agricultural technology.

Cann’s vision is to be a leading developer and supplier of medicinal cannabis into the Australian market, and to supply overseas markets as those opportunities become available.

Cann received the first licence issued by the Australian Government’s Office of Drug Control in February 2017, a research licence that will allow it to progress the development of medicinal cannabis. It has established relationships with organisations in both Australia and overseas that can supply elite genetics and collaborate on breeding programs.

In addition to the cannabis research licence the company, on 8 March 2017 Cann was issued Australia’s first Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation Licence. The new licence allows Cann Group to produce Australian grown material that can be prescribed for patient use.





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